Demolition Derby & Figure 8 Race Goes National

Auxiliary Power signs deals which brings car smashing game to a store near you

Ann Arbor, MI, September 1, 2002 - Up until now, Demolition Derby & Figure 8 Race has been available only online to an elite crowd. But today Auxiliary Power, Inc. and eGames, Inc. (OTC BB:EGAM.OB) are announcing a deal that will make DD&F8R available in many retail stores just in time for Christmas.

Auxiliary Power, Inc. also announced that Demolition Derby & Figure 8 Race Version 1.22 is available and includes even more derby drivers to drive against and an in-game tutorial. The new version starts shipping today. It is available in box form or for immediate download. The game is still available for sale online through the Auxiliary Power web site at

"We now think we have the best demolition derby game ever made," says John C. Ardussi, executive producer and founder of Auxiliary Power, Inc.. "And having it available in stores is an important step. There are still many people who are apprehensive about buying things online. This makes it so these people can go to their local computer store and pick it up there."

Some of the stores include Electronic Boutique, KMart and Best Buy. Ardussi continues, "Auxiliary Power was set up to make games that people want to play. And when we asked people what type of game they wanted to see get made, overwhelmingly people said 'a really good demolition derby game'. Once we got the game where we wanted it, it then became important to make it available to everyone. That is why we see this as an important step."

For those who already have the game, a patch that adds the new features is available for free through the company's web site. Ardussi adds, "DD&F8R is fun. That is what is important to us. Anyone with money can go license a top end graphics engine, but very few of those games are fun. We work on the fun first. Even though we don't have the most advaned graphics, I get a lot of feedback from people who say this is their favorite game. That is our goal."

Demolition Derby & Figure 8 Race is priced as a value software title at $14.95 for the downloaded version, $19.95 for the box version and $22.95 for both. While its feature set rivals full priced software, its costs were kept under control to allow it to be sold at a lower price. At the same time, it does include advanced features like multiplayer play and support for such things as steering wheels and force feedback input devices.

Demolition Derby & Figure 8 Race is optimized for 3D acceleration but it is not required. Minimum system requirements are a Pentium II, 64MB of memory and a DirectX compatible video card. For any further information, you can access the company's web site at


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